Sympathetically, Un-sympathetic

This is conclusion of the mini-series! In this episode, we uncover the question, is the “cholinergic anti-inflammatory reflex” nerves entirely vagal? The answer is not so straightforward. Building on good work by Davide Martelli and…

History of Serotonin – Lessons in how science and innovation works!

JoJo and Arun are producing some key content that will make you turn your heads in disbelief. Until then, we thought it would be good to get your mind focussed on that wonderful molecule –…

BCI’s On the Grill 🥩

What Is a BCI? And just as importantly, what isn’t a BCI?

This is an unusual episode and an incredibly fun one. Arun and JoJo enlisted some of the field’s top folks to talk through what’s in and what’s out in this exciting field.

Why did Merck KGaA venture into Bioelectronics?

At SKRAPS, we are always looking to get behind the veil of the happenings in the field. We want to go beyond the facade of the news headlines. In recognition of this, we are now…

Happy 2nd Birthdayversary to Skraps!

Skraps is turning two. Or is it our second anniversary? I can’t quite decide so let’s celebrate both. Join us as we walk down memory lane with some highlights (and hopefully no lowlights) of the…

European Innovation Council & NeuroTechnology/MedTech funding

European Innovation Council & NeuroTechnology/MedTech funding

Sleep Apnea: ft. Napoleon, Churchill, Brahms, Stalin & Queen Victoria

“Laugh and the world laughs with you. Snore and you sleep alone” is a famous quote from the author Anthony Burgess. Sleep Apnea affects 425 million adults over the age of 40. Yet, good treatments…

Investing (exclusively!!) in Bioelectronic Medicines

We are joined by Imran Eba of GlaxoSmithKline’s Bioelectronic Medicine fund – Action Potential Venture Capital to talk about investing in Bioelectronic Medicines.

Research Pioneers ft. Ian Burkhart & Benjamin Stecher

Most of us can pretty certainly say that we are alone within our heads. We may joke about inner voices, but what really happens when there genuinely is an external influence deep within a brain? In the case of two research pioneers, Ian Burkhart and Benjamin Stecher, the answer is nothing short of a miracle.

S4 E5: The Killing

FIRST, PUT YOUR HEADPHONES ON! What does a 4 cm long and 25g in weight crustacean have to teach us about Bioelectronic Medicine and human health? And what does its feeding habits have to tell…

The Ultrasounds of Silence

The saying, as grotesque as it might be, goes “there’s more than one way to skin a cat.” In our case, there’s more than one way to stimulate a nerve and we’ve gathered some experts…

Depression Rx: The Tale of SAINT Magnus

Join Arun & JoJo as they go behind the wall of the science that underpins new treatments for Major Depressive Disorder (MDD). While MDD is the leading cause of both personal and societal disability, there…

NIH’s NeuroMod Prize: A Good Idea?

The NIH’s Neuromodulation Prize was announced on Jan 17, 2002. The $9.8 million dollar prize pot will be awarded over three phases. So we did an interview for  Ladan Jiracek & Neural Implant Podcast around this prize, purely because Arun has…

What in the world is a Bioelectronic Medicine?

Our Sponsors: Episode Description/Slug Episode One Slug Bioelectronic Medicines – What’s in a name?  “Tis but thy name that is my enemy;  Thou art thyself, though not a Montague.  What’s Montague? It is not hand,…

The Art & Science of Science Communications with Jim Cavuoto

Jim Cavuoto has been reporting on the field of neurotechnology for over 20 years. Neurotech Reports is the go-to source for industry news, institutional highlights, conference updates, original research and reporting, and more. Jim’s a little bit like our very own Walter Cronkite.We’ll also hear about Jim’s newest venture, the BioElectRx Business Report – working to bridge the gap between pharma and the neuro device worlds.

PTSD & Psychedelics: Making “Unconventional” Conventional!

There’s no shortage of heartbreaking stories about men and women who have dedicated their lives to the service of their countries and endured unfathomable trauma. Add to this population the other sources of PTSD like car accidents, witnessing or experiencing violence – or even the threat of violence, sustained stress in traumatic situations (hello, COVID frontline workers – I’m looking at you), and you have an explosion in an untreated or treatment refractory population.

Episode 5: Psychedelic Pharmacology – The Basics

We’ve spent some time already on the definition of psychedelics – and we’ll spend more time before this series is over. But, Skraps is a podcast whose roots are run deep in the sciences, we couldn’t ignore the topic of the basic pharmacology of psychedelics. This episode is a primer for citizen scientists and holds some intriguing information for the bonafide scientists among us.

Episode 4: Oh, LSD! My Problem Child

Fear. Fear causes people to do amazing and improbable things. Fear of an enemy, fear of an unknown. They are powerful motivators and ones that Syndey Gottlieb embraced with every fibre of his professional being. The same man whose family would have been Nazi victims engaged in some of the most insidious “experiments” known to man – experiments based on the knowledge and tutelage of the same Nazi scientists who deployed the gasses that would have killed his own family.

Episode 2: Mescaline: The OG of Psychedelics

In episode two of PsychedeRx, Peyote comes north to the good old US of A. And it’s not just for religious ceremonies anymore, either. Spanish conquistadors and European explorers, seeking to dominate the indigenous tribes, used Peyote to show force by banning its use and denying the tribes their spiritual practices. And we all know what happens when prohibitions are imposed – the use doesn’t stop, it just gets moved underground.

Part 2: Interview with the fellows of the Cleveland NeuroDesign Innovation Fellowship

Join us for part 2 of the coverage on what it means to be and feels like a fellow in the Cleveland NeuroDesign Innovation Fellowship Program run collaboratively by the Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland Clinic.

Here we are joined by the inaugural cohort comprising: Efstathios Kondylis, Swarna Solanki, Patrick Smith and Nick Couturier with strong recognition for a Case Western Biomedical Engineering Alum, Michael Ackermann.

The next cohort applications are now open:

Each of them have a unique story that led them to this point. They walk us through what drove them here, how the process was, their experiences, what they learned, gained and more importantly implement moving forward.

This one is surely one not to miss, as it exposes what it means to be in a program that teaches scientists and engineers how to innovate based on need., a principle well documented by the Stanford Biodesign.

The Battle of Intelligence Vs. Wisdom

What is the difference between intelligence and wisdom and why should you care? Dr. Robert Sternberg introduces us to his theories of adaptive intelligence and his triangular theory of love. He provides insights as to how our society misdirects and prioritizes our focus on exactly the traits that lead us down untenable social and political paths. He also proves to us once and for all that it’s a bad idea to use an IQ test to get a first date.

A Living Legend

We try to capture myriad voices on Skraps, but this one is legendary. Truly. If you don’t trust us, we have a few testimonials to prove it. Dr. Robert Hamlin is a DVM and Professor Emeritus at The Ohio State University (please don’t get Arun started on his Buckeyes) and he knows more about the heart (animals and humans) than any single person has a right to.

The Fit and the Furious – From lab life to “Oh, no he didn’t…”

You can check out his prolific research publications here, but don’t miss out on the story behind the investigator as we take on the peer-review process, lab culture and contracts (get that heart rate up!), being an outsider to both of your own cultures, sleep and exercise, and InequalityInSTEM (which his wife aptly points out should be STEAM!) an effort driven by Dawn Taylor that TK whole-heartedly endorses.

The Room Where It Happens

Arun and JoJo speak with Juan-Pablo about each of the portfolio companies funded by APVC (Axon Therapies, Cala Health, CVRx, EXO, Neuspera, Presidio Medical, Saluda Medical, and SetPoint Medical) and then dive head-long into what it’s like to be a Puerto Rican American influencing the future of medicine, exploring what it took to get there, and what he’ll do now that he as arrived. Answer: He’s not just talking about it – “Hire someone, mentor someone, spotlight someone.” Check. Check. Check

How to Pivot – Getting Your Foot In the Digital Health Door

Casterton worked her way through the bigs (Edwards Lifesciences, Boston Scientific, Stryker, and Verily) and picked up a thing or two along the way. She’s broken the land-speed record in medical device product development, built successful teams across continents, worked with Google, Verily and others to scale COVID testing sites in a pinch (entirely online, too), and is ready, willing, and able to share those lessons with you. She has also recruited some other impressive leaders to have a little fireside chat with you, too.

Human Composting – What Will Your Posthumous Carbon Footprint Be?

Join us as we talk to Professor Lynne Carpenter-Boggs about the new trends in final remains disposal – human composting (or more tactfully called Natural Organic Reduction). If you’ve tried to live a life of sustainability, why stop there? Why not let your final act of earthly love be 1.4 tons less carbon than cremation or burial?

Cochlear Implants, Tinnitus, Ultrasound, Immune modulation and DougaWockeeZ

Dr. Hubert Lim talks about how his love for biomedical engineering starts off with wanting to understand music preferences Napster, then branching to auditory implants, invasive and non-invasive neuromodulation. We talk about his fantastic journey into figuring out a treatment for Tinnitus via his company, Neuromod Devices. They published a fantastic study by performing bi-modal stimulation of the brain using tongue stimulation and sound to treat Tinnitus.

The SARS-CoV-2 Illustration: You can run but you cannot hide

As a wannabe vet and an artist who took up medical illustrations as a career, Alissa’s career has surely been an unusual one. She has mastered the art of pushing beauty and uncovering of sense of awe and fear into people’s minds with her illustrations of Zika, Ebola and now infamous – SARS-Cov-2.

Challenging an age-old system in sport with data. Lessons and musings from a sports analyst, writer, and documentary filmmaker

Jarrod Kimber is an award winning documentary film maker. From humble beginnings in Melbourne to becoming a well known sports writer and documentary film maker, Jarrod has constantly used data to point to the fallacies, assumptions and substantiate where the game should go.

Hello Darkness, my old friend

Dr. Sanford Greenberg has overcome disability that affected him since he was a Junior at Columbia University. He has since overcome this limitation to chart an unprecedented success as an innovator, entrepreneur, in politics, administration and more recently, in philanthropy via his campaign.