What happens in the vagus, stays in vagus?? Not with us at SKRAPS.

“Science Is a Team Sport”

If we truly mean this – I mean, really and truly mean that science is a group effort and not the effort of one person, let’s really dive in to this and embrace our opportunities to set the record straight. And I mean let’s start right now! 

As we endeavor to understand The Wanderer, we must also strive to understand the contributors – and not just the marquee names. We hope to shed light on the nerve, the possibilities, the history, and all of the major players – not just a solo artist. After all, as we near the end of another American football season, I think we can appreciate that Joe Montana was better because of Jerry Rice – Troy Aikman thrived with Michael Irvin, and Tom Brady is the GOAT because of his myriad weapons.

Let’s be true to our intent to make science a team sport and go beyond the lip service.

SKRAPS is your podcast, where we on your behalf explores unsaid, underappreciated and sometimes, untold stories of sparks of brilliance in science, technology and innovation.

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