Episode 2: Mescaline: The OG of Psychedelics

In episode two of PsychedeRx, Peyote comes north to the good old US of A. And it’s not just for religious ceremonies anymore, either. Spanish conquistadors and European explorers, seeking to dominate the indigenous tribes, used Peyote to show force by banning its use and denying the tribes their spiritual practices. And we all know what happens when prohibitions are imposed – the use doesn’t stop, it just gets moved underground.

Episode 4: Oh, LSD! My Problem Child

Fear. Fear causes people to do amazing and improbable things. Fear of an enemy, fear of an unknown. They are powerful motivators and ones that Syndey Gottlieb embraced with every fibre of his professional being. The same man whose family would have been Nazi victims engaged in some of the most insidious “experiments” known to man – experiments based on the knowledge and tutelage of the same Nazi scientists who deployed the gasses that would have killed his own family.

Episode 5: Psychedelic Pharmacology – The Basics

We’ve spent some time already on the definition of psychedelics – and we’ll spend more time before this series is over. But, Skraps is a podcast whose roots are run deep in the sciences, we couldn’t ignore the topic of the basic pharmacology of psychedelics. This episode is a primer for citizen scientists and holds some intriguing information for the bonafide scientists among us.

PTSD & Psychedelics: Making “Unconventional” Conventional!

There’s no shortage of heartbreaking stories about men and women who have dedicated their lives to the service of their countries and endured unfathomable trauma. Add to this population the other sources of PTSD like car accidents, witnessing or experiencing violence – or even the threat of violence, sustained stress in traumatic situations (hello, COVID frontline workers – I’m looking at you), and you have an explosion in an untreated or treatment refractory population.