Dear Skraps Friends, 
We, Arun and JoJo, have had taken on a huge project in PsychedeRx, a ten episode series about psychedelics – their history, their abuse, their potential, and their future. We’re halfway through the series as we approach the 50th Anniversary of the War On Drugs. In recognition of the journey – both of psychedelics and of PsychedeRx, we are hosting a live event on Twitter Spaces on Friday, June 18, 2021 at 4:00pm EDT. Set your 1 click reminder here.
It is our hope that you have been enjoying Skraps and the PsychedeRx series and that you will join us for this live discussion. Feel free to bring your questions, bring a friend, and even a beer as we welcome Julia Buxton ( ), Jo Neill ( ), and Alex Belser ( ). 
All on Twitter are welcome to join – so please feel free to share on social liberally.
Thanks for your continued support and encouragement!
Arun and JoJo