We try to capture myriad voices on Skraps, but this one is legendary. Truly. If you don’t trust us, we have a few testimonials to prove it. Dr. Robert Hamlin is a DVM and Professor Emeritus at The Ohio State University (please don’t get Arun started on his Buckeyes) and he knows more about the heart (animals and humans) than any single person has a right to.

We dive into a fan favorite of his distinguished lectures – “‘Slightly’ Modified, Giraffes Would Make Great Fighter Pilots, and Bats, Great Cardiologists … and Please Give Me a Heart That’s Part Guinea Pig, Part Spider, Part Rat, and Part Goat … or It’s Lucky We’re So Smart!” as well as his role in making sure that every drug you take is safe. 

You can also learn about the most innovative use of a ball point pen – ever.

It was a genuine honor to spend time with this remarkable man.