What is the difference between intelligence and wisdom and why should you care? Dr. Robert Sternberg introduces us to his theories of adaptive intelligence and his triangular theory of love. He provides insights as to how our society misdirects and prioritizes our focus on exactly the traits that lead us down untenable social and political paths. He also proves to us once and for all that it’s a bad idea to use an IQ test to get a first date.

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” – Aristotle

Of course, intelligence is for naught if we fail to care for the heart; Dr. Sternberg has that one figured out, too with his appraisal of the types of love and how we can best find our match with The Love Multiverse (shoulda had this one on for Valentine’s Day – sorry ’bout that!)

Take a listen while he walks us through his theories as well as the results he’s obtained by applying his theories of learning to university administration policies.

Check out his recent cover story in New Scientist, “Rethinking Intelligence”