What does a 4 cm long and 25g in weight crustacean have to teach us about Bioelectronic Medicine and human health? And what does its feeding habits have to tell us about how we deal with tumours?

Well, there is more than what meets the eye! If we reveal more than this, we are breaking the plot to you and making your life easy.

So, it is time to do the hard yards and go on this underwater exploration first, before we figure out a new frontier for Ultrasound modulation of nerve tumours (in this case – glioblastoma). We cover Dr. Vijay Agarwal and his company – Alpheus Medical for what they are dreaming of, having been inspired by this seemingly innocuous crustacean that has links to World War II, submarines, symbiotic relationships and sonodynamic therapy?

Can Alpheus Medical help treat cancer? There is only way to find out. But first, listen to this journey!

Our deepest thanks to CorTec Neuro and CirTec Medical for their kind help in bringing these episodes to you.

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