JoJo and I do a fortnightly (bi-weekly) newshour session on all things Neurotech spanning the academic and industry updates.

This week we covered a few updates.

Most important of all, it is the first women led chairing of Gordon Research Seminar Series as an add-on for Neuroelectronic Interfaces GRC. One of the co-chairs, Nikki Pelot joined us to give us an update for the session.

Secondly, we had the honour of hosting Mr. Juan -Pablo Mas of Action Potential Venture Capital who gave us the lowdown on their investment into Exo Imaging. Exo has just raised a massive $220 million Series C

We then covered a bit of information on Tivic Health IPO and other topics that should matter to the Bioelectronic Medicine, Neuromodulation and Neurotech community.