Julia Child was a master. She was not a classically trained chef, but pursued cooking as a hobby. Her super power? Passion. A passion for making gastronomy accessible, to deliver an honest and attainable presentation, and she possessed a pure, unadulterated joy for her craft. While Michael Ackermann isn’t a neurotechnolgy hobbyist, he does share other qualities with the inimitable Child. He brings a passion for neurotechnology, mixes it with technical expertise picked up at Case Western Reserve University, panache earned through his time at Stanford BioDesign, and pairs it with an excellent vintage of management style. 

Hungry yet? We thought you might be. Ackermann was actually one of our early targets for an interview on Skraps. Perhaps it was his humility and desire to keep the focus on the science instead of the personalities that caused him to decline our first plea invitation to record with us, but maybe as we grew in our professionalism and track record, Michael became just a tiny bit more comfortable with the idea. But he did it. We did it. We finally got him on the podcast. I promise, it’s worth the wait. 

Listen on for the behind the science peek at Ackermann’s time in the BioDesign Program, check in as he deftly maneuvers Oculeve to success, and check out what’s happening now at Presidio Medical and beyond. Who knows what’s next? Perhaps a chocolate soufflé for his wife’s recent birthday (I know this because he was unable to join the Cleveland NeuroDesign faculty in person.)

Bon appétit!

Papers of interest:

  1. Presidio’s published research
  2. Michael Ackermann’s Patents on Nerve Block

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