At SKRAPS, we are always looking to get behind the veil of the happenings in the field. We want to go beyond the facade of the news headlines.

In recognition of this, we are now reading the slug for part 1 of candid conversations or plainly put – “Cutting through the crap in Bioelectronics”.

So, we are joining Dr. Robert Spoelgen, Head of Bioelectronics at Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, 🇩🇪 (They are very particular about this as Merck and Merck KGaA are two separate entities) about their entry, reason, strategy, tactics and thoughts. All references in this episode is to Merck KGaA.

SKRAPS is your podcast, where we on your behalf explores unsaid, underappreciated and sometimes, untold stories of sparks of brilliance in science, technology and innovation.

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