Skraps is turning two. Or is it our second anniversary? I can’t quite decide so let’s celebrate both.

Join us as we walk down memory lane with some highlights (and hopefully no lowlights) of the past two years of their audio partnership. Re-live some of our favorite moments – laughter, tears, learning, and even occasionally, listening. We revisit early episodes (and see how far we’ve come) with Kit Parker, Stanton Rowe, Sandy Greenberg, and more.

With so many hours under our belts, it is impossible to pick “favorites” but we’d love to hear what some of your favorite moments have been, what you’d like to hear more of, and what we can leave on the cutting room floor (that’s a reference for an increasingly limited audience – Arun and I are old.)

SKRAPS is your podcast, where we, on your behalf, explore unsaid, underappreciated and sometimes, untold stories of sparks of brilliance in science, technology, and innovation.

Show Credits

  • Created & Produced by: Arun Sridhar & JoJo Platt
  • Editing: Arun Sridhar
  • Sound design: Arun Sridhar & Swaminathan ThiruGnanaSambandam
  • Sound mixing and mastering: Swaminathan ThiruGnanaSambandam

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