The saying, as grotesque as it might be, goes “there’s more than one way to skin a cat.” In our case, there’s more than one way to stimulate a nerve and we’ve gathered some experts leading the charge (pun very much intended.) Gather around the fire, bring some marshmallows and listen in as we chat with Hubert Lim of the University of Minnesota, Christopher Puleo of GE Research, and Mikhail Shapiro of CalTech about the power and the fury of ultrasound.

There are two things that are guaranteed with this group – you will laugh and you will learn something. So, please forgive our indulgences as we dig into the when, the why, and the how this unlikely team came to be and all that they’ve accomplished so far.

To kick off the laugh track, Hubert and Mikhail were kind enough to share some wicked awesome dance moves from each of their respective labs. The Solid Gold Dancers have been put on notice.

Our deepest thanks to CorTec Neuro and CirTec Medical for their kind help in bringing these episodes to you.

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