Join Dr. Hubert Lim for a fantastic virtual  fire-side chat where he talks about how his love for biomedical engineering starts off with wanting to understand music preferences Napster, then branching to auditory implants, invasive and non-invasive neuromodulation. We talk about his fantastic journey into figuring out a treatment for Tinnitus via his company, Neuromod Devices. They published a fantastic study by performing bi-modal stimulation of the brain using tongue stimulation and sound to treat Tinnitus. 

He also recounts how a lot of his sojourn into immune-modulation with his company Second Wave was an accident and luck (we call it hardwork and being tuned to opportunities). 


  1. Link to Tinnitus Trial Data:
  2. Full PDF copy at our blog post for this episode on
  3. Hubert’s team tribute to Doug Weber that he alludes to: