• Have you ever realized that a neuro-surgeon could be faced with an interesting conundrum? The very patient that gave him consent might ask him to stop doing what he is doing when he is inserting an electrode to treat depression. Does the surgeon do what the patient says on table or does he work off the informed consent form that the patient signed? 
  • What if, some of the data that is currently mined is used to inform a third observer of the state of mind? What if, this data can be used for purposes other than to treat the patient from whom it was obtained from? 
  • Who does this data belong to? 
  • Are regulations evolving at the same speed as the technology? Are the regulators even aware of the type of future implications of such data? 

In a world where “your”data is commoditized, how willing should one be to provide access to their deeper brain activities? Who should benefit? Get an account for what is here and now with Dr. Paul Ford and Dr. Lauren Sankary, but we go into areas that we will revisit with them in the future.