It’s the start of Season 4 of SKRAPS. So first, credit where it is due, thanks so much for the support!

Have you ever wondered where the food you eat comes from?

No, we do not talk about your carbon footprint or the location of the farm  Food and flavour evokes a strong sense of nostalgia, likes and dislikes in our mind so much so that a particular flavour you smell, taste, love, dislike can evoke a  have a strong feeling or a bittersweet memory, or a sweet aftertaste or even have disgust for.

Well, that’s what we are here to talk about. We are joined by a fantastic food science geek to talk about the flavours of food and the science of cooking.

Krish Ashok is the author of Masala Lab. His book is a revelation but more importantly, while we touch on some key aspects of his motivation to write the book, the bulk of the episode is devoted to history of spices, what it means to cook, how to cook spices, what it gives, the relationship to what it means to have your mouth being on fire and many more nuggets.

You will also hear about his fantastic anecdotes of spice history. We are very grateful to Ashok for joining us and sharing such interesting nuggets and it definitely is a breezy listen.

Ashok also has a fantastic Instagram page where we routinely posts some cool factoids about food, the world around us and food science. 

The two clubs that Ashok hosts rooms on clubhouse is located here: 

  1. Masala trail with Nandita Iyer
  2. Salem Junction with Sidin Vadukut